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    Uh yu ka t'ann
    May 17, 2019
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    Unmarked graves of Native American children across different Catholic "schools" are still being discovered in Canada. I write "schools" in quotation marks because the more we learn about them, the more evident it is these "schools" were really concentration camps for indoctrination. But then, this is the institution that shamelessly canonized a wretched Albanian nun who herself ran what amounted to death camps while mingling with, praising, and of course taking money from the likes of Charles Keating and Baby Doc Duvalier.

    Just when I thought I could not be more disgusted with the Catholic church, they up the ante.

    ... but keep on eating that wafer.
    yes, it is a sad thing. I read something to the effect of eventually they realized it was cheaper and more cost effective to have the kids shipped off to these schools and "re-educated" vs going to war against those tribes

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