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  1. wardorican

    Interesting chat - Bishop and a Rabbi Discussion Religion

    I think it's a very smart talk.
  2. wardorican

    Catholicism and Politics - Interesting Segment with Bishop Robert Barron

    Start from about 3min in, where I'm linking this. The first bit is about a bible they put out. First, I found his early discussion on the nature of political debate being mostly a conflict of wills, of experiences, and how that's not helpful. It's the breakdown of real argument. So, the way...
  3. wardorican

    What's going on with this Trump Campaign / Russia / DOJ / Clinton/Obama Bombshell?

    I haven't kept up with all of these current DOJ investigations or the new stuff that was declassified recently that Trump seemed to be using as cover for his whole Covid stuff and tax issues... What's actually going on here? I know the real partisan sites have been stirring this up a lot, but...
  4. wardorican

    Political Ads

    I'm not really in favor of this ad, but it's pretty slick. Despite being completely devoid of content. I'll also get annoyed with it, likely playing multiple times a day in Florida. I figured we could use this thread to show good ads, funny ads, or just crazy fear mongering ads.
  5. wardorican

    How Trump's Billion-Dollar Campaign Lost Its Cash Advantage Overall a good article detailing all of the spending that the Trump campaign did, and when. One thing that caught my eye was the issue with funneling so much cash through LLC's... Side note, I have gotten a couple...
  6. wardorican

    Trump's Axios interview

    Jonathan Swan does a great job of being kind and respectful to Trump, but holding him accountability and asking simple followups.. "how", "why", "what books?" Trump has a well documented mannerism of talking in non-specific ways. It's mostly meaningless fluff. It (this interview) does two good...
  7. wardorican

    Tucker Carlson's head writer Neff, resigns over discovery of racist posts using pseudonym It is a long read, due to them adding specifics at the end of the article. It isn't that surprising to many of us who have heard the various dog whistles from Tucker for years, and some of the overt stuff that...
  8. wardorican

    Election Polling

    The election is just a few months away. The Pandemic has made this kind of quiet, but I have seen plenty of TV commercials, especially from Trump. It's early, and polling can change, but I think the pandemic, economy having issues due to the pandemic, on top of the multiple issues many folks...
  9. wardorican

    India and China fighting over parts of Kashmir?

    So, who had a potential War for June? (probably won't get that far.. right?)
  10. wardorican

    Inspector Generals - Grassley breaks from Trump - What's going on here?

    Grassley has a history of wanting strong IG's, so it isn't shocking. But, what's going on here? Sure, a president can do these things, but it sure looks fishy and the Pompeo bit, "Oh, I didn't know my IG was investigating me" really rings hollow...
  11. wardorican

    Trump Brokers Saudi / Russia Oil Deal Seems like a positive development to stop the additional economic bleeding. Good job Trump! (See, I can do this). I'd like to know how he persuaded them, but for now, I'll chalk it up as a win.
  12. wardorican

    Hidden Common Ground: The Economy - Bridging the Gap

    Courtesy of my hotel USA Today. I couldn't find it online, so excuse the photos. I think it shows some strong common ground. Even in areas of divide, there is still significant support. The part about min wage is interesting. Some republicans want it increased, they just differ on...
  13. wardorican

    Elaine McCusker possibly withdrawn? This story got a bit buried in the DOJ / Stone business. So far, according to a Republican on the committee, this isn't the case yet. But it would be...
  14. wardorican

    Audio NPR: The Takeaway - Trump Unveils So-Called Peace Plan for the Middle East 2020-01-29 Audio here. This is more about the first part of the audio show. There are other topics in this episode, but I want to focus on the Israel / Palestine "peace plan". The part that gets me is that Palestine wasn't...
  15. wardorican

    Article Opinion Piece - Trump administration cuts to Social Security disability benefits among the cruelest This is in regards to proposed cuts. Seems a bit much, but I get the crowd that doesn't want to allow anyone to get help if they don't...
  16. wardorican

    Audio Politics with Amy Walter - Jan 24, 2020 - The View From Iowa

    As usual, Amy Walter does a good job of getting the overall story out. The first section about Iowa and polling is very good. I didn't get to listen to the other two segments live, and I hope to catch up to them later. The audio is in the link. Sorry, can't figure out how to embed it...
  17. wardorican

    Year 2 of the New Tax Law - Impacts to you.

    We had a thread about this in a prior incarnation, I may include some information from it later. It's early tax filing season, so we should get to see some more data about how your overall taxable income has changed from 2017, to 2018, to 2019, as well as refunds (we know refunds dropped a...
  18. wardorican

    Audio How The Trumps and Kushners Got Rich Off Federal Policies - And how it relates to today's political climate

    I know quite a few people will get turned off by the Title of the Podcast, but it is an interesting view of how the Trump and Kushner families benefited from Government programs incentivizing housing developments, then seeing how NYC political favoritism worked, then pushed it to the max. You...
  19. wardorican

    What's going on in Richmond?

    I haven't been able to look into this, but stumbled on it. What's the story here? I'm not a fan of open carry in this way. That has never been the intent of open carry, that I'm aware of. And masks? Granted, it is cold, but still..
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