What if Biden and/or Trump drop dead before the election? (1 Viewer)

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Mr. Blue Sky

Still P***** at Yoko
Feb 4, 2020
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Between the Moon and New York City
I realize that this is a 100% hypothetical exercise , but what the hell... When you‘re dealing with two Presidential candidates in their mid/late 70s during a pandemic- 2.5 months til the election is an eternity.

I’m a guy who’s planning to vote for Biden but I’m interested in hearing from those who plan to vote for Trump as well.. Personally , on the Biden side- i think the emergency contingency plan would be for K Harris to get elevated to the top of the ticket, then select someone like Mayor Pete as her running mate.. or, even better- Bernie Sanders.. i think a Harris/Sanders ticket could be more formidable than the Biden/Harris ticket.. then again, it could backfire since Bernie is obviously further left than Joe; honestly I’m not sure since it’s a double-edged sword.......... On the Trump side, since there are already rumblings that Trump will replace Pence with Nikki Haley- the new nominee would be Pence, and he’d pick Haley as running mate.. TBH i think a Pence/Haley ticket would most likely beat a Harris/Sanders ticket since any conservative who’s turned off by Trump’s pathological lies and general ugliness might like Pence /Haley more.. but i honestly dont know who’d have the upper hand in that scenario.

What sayeth the MAP?

The moose

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Sep 28, 2019
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New Orleans
I don't think my fingers being crossed for the last three years helped any but not giving up hope.

The one amazing thing I still can't wrap my head around is Nicky Hailey. The fact that she directly disputed stuff trump said and is the only person to get out of this administration without any real stink on her is mind bending.

I would think the republicans would be in a much worse place if that were to happen. The turnout for Pence would not be pretty. It would take a hell of a bunch more than screwing with the post office.

I think Harris has a ton of people to choose from that the public actually got to see in debates and so forth. The biggest factor the anyone else but Trump people don't give a rats arse who it is.

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