Voting Law Proposals and Voting Rights Efforts

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    Mar 13, 2019
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    This is, IMO, going to be a big topic in the coming year. Republicans have stated their aim to make voting more restrictive in just about every state where they have the means to do so. Democrats would like to pass the Voting Rights Bill named after John Lewis. I’m going to go look up the map of all the states which have pending legislation to restrict voting. Now that we have the election in the rear view, I thought we could try to make this a general discussion thread, where people who have concerns about voting abuses can post as well and we can discuss it from both sides. Please keep memes out of this thread and put them in the boards where we go to talk about the other side, lol.
    The same people who demanded Covid vaccine passports are fighting voter ID.

    The same people who always claimed they were pro-choice thought we should force people to take vaccines.

    I'm sensing a pattern.
    We all see your pattern, and you never deviate from it. As predictable as can be.
    While right wingers are distracting SFL with talk of undocumented immigrants voting, which doesn’t happen, this is what the billionaire class is doing to sway the election. Keep in mind, SFL, if they can suppress the votes of democratic voters - why would they care about your vote either? They don’t. The only people they care about are themselves, they consider themselves elite and want to control everything for their own benefit.

    “A network of ultrawealthy Christian donors is spending nearly $12 million to mobilize Republican-leaning voters and purge more than a million people from the rolls in key swing states, aiming to tilt the 2024 election in favor of former President Donald Trump.

    These previously unreported plans are the work of a group named Ziklag, a little-known charity whose donors have included some of the wealthiest conservative Christian families in the nation, including the billionaire Uihlein family, who made a fortune in office supplies, the Greens, who run Hobby Lobby, and the Wallers, who own the Jockey apparel corporation. Recipients of Ziklag’s largesse include Alliance Defending Freedom, which is the Christian legal group that led the overturning of Roe v. Wade, plus the national pro-Trump group Turning Point USA and a constellation of right-of-center advocacy groups.”
    Immigrants coming into the country outside of the immigration system is illegal as well and it's still continuing so that's a worthless point.

    It's quite obvious why the Democrats oppose proof of citizenship to vote based on the millions of illegals that Biden is welcoming into the country.

    Can you provide any proof of non-citizens voting in federal elections?

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