Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Sunday, November 8, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

Biden seeks to move quickly and build out his administration

The Latest: Bush calls election ‘fair’ and outcome `clear’
Blunt acknowledges results unlikely to change, Coons declares Biden mandate for unity
Jared Kushner, Melania Trump advise Trump to accept election loss
Biden silent on lack of social distancing, possible 'super spreader' celebrations
Kayleigh McEnany calls celebrations for Joe Biden 'superspreader events'
From Covid-19 to climate, President-elect Joe Biden laid out a comprehensive agenda
What a Biden victory will mean for the American workforce
Biden and aides plan for the 'hard work of governing' a divided U.S.
Washington braces for unpredictable post-election period
Biden plans executive actions that would undo Trump's policies
Voters approve police reform measures across the country
How 'Obamagate' and Hunter’s 'laptop from hell' fizzled
McCarthy: Pelosi is 10 Democratic votes away from losing House speaker race
Georgia likely flipped blue, but it’s not over: 2 Senate runoff races carry national implications
Inside the Trump campaign as it grapples with defeat
US election 2020: How Biden fans think nation can heal
Trump's refusal to concede amps up pressure on GOP
Romney warns Trump to be 'careful' with rhetoric as he pursues legal challenges
Read former President George W. Bush's full statement congratulating President-elect Joe Biden
Democrats fear McConnell veto over Biden agenda
Washington Times debunks Trump campaign tweet claiming it called election for Gore
Giuliani says Trump won't concede amid legal challenges
Stacey Abrams says Democrats will pour resources into key Georgia Senate runoffs
Fraud claims aimed in part at keeping Trump base loyal
Romney: Time to 'get behind the new president,' calling Trump '900-pound gorilla' for GOP
Biden moves ahead with transition as Trump fights election results
How Stacey Abrams and her band of believers turned Georgia blue
Graham: If GOP doesn't fight, there will 'never be another Republican president elected again'
Trump administration readies new sanctions against Iran: report
With cases soaring, Biden to announce COVID-19 task force
Cuomo: Mistake for GOP not to acknowledge apparent Biden win; Noem: It's 'premature'
George W. Bush urges unity in congratulating Biden and Harris: "We must come together"
Alex Trebek has died at age 80 after pancreatic cancer battle
AOC accuses moderate Dems of being 'irresponsible' with anti-progressive criticism
Pennsylvanians who changed their mind about Trump want a 'chance of things calming down'
Top congressional Republicans still haven't acknowledged Biden's victory
Analysis: At pivotal moments of 2020, Trump failed to win over doubters
First flight to UAE with Israeli tourists lands in Dubai
Johnson denies his Trump ties weaken UK-US bond under Biden
Explainer: Can Trump pardon his associates — or himself?
'Trump can still win': The President's supporters remain defiant after Biden's victory
Biden visits his late son Beau's gravesite after being named president-elect
ABC's George Stephanopoulos spars with South Dakota governor on voter fraud conspiracy theories
Biden shores up fragile ‘blue wall’ in industrial north
The election aftermath, and the power of the vote
3 shot at Las Vegas hotel
President-elect Joe Biden delivers victory speech to the nation (video)
Vice President-elect Kamala Harris delivers victory speech (video)
Americans pivot from red-hot Trump to Biden’s seasoned cool
With Trump's Loss, Murdoch's Fox News Faces Wrath And Tough Choices
Grief, relief, and jubilation: How Biden's team survived a wild five days
Message of Election 2020: Trump lost, but Trumpism did not
President-elect Joe Biden seeks to unite nation with victory speech
Mary Trump celebrates Biden-Harris victory: 'To America. Thanks, guys'
If Trump still won't concede to Biden, he'll break more than a century of tradition
Across the nation, jubilation, relief, defiance - LA Times
'Let's give each other a chance': Biden seeks to bridge divides in 'victory' speech
In Trump Country, disappointment, anger mingle with hope for Biden to unite
No comment: Some world leaders silent on Biden win
Biden family joins president-elect on victory speech stage, Hunter included
Biden promotes unity, turns to business of transition
US election results: Five reasons Biden won
Democrats Are Ecstatic About The Biden-Harris Win; Republicans' Reaction Is Mixed
Highlights from Biden and Harris' victory speeches (fireworks included)
3 states remain undeclared in 2020 race; see breaking race results, map here
Biden gives shoutout to Black Americans in victory speech: 'You always have my back, and I'll have yours'
Joe Biden is only the fifteenth Vice President in history to become President
Mexico's president won't congratulate Biden until legal challenges resolved
Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and other tech luminaries react to Biden’s victory
Citing a Catholic hymn, Biden says he now embarks on God's work with the American people
Trump considers how to keep up fight, find a graceful exit
US ‘Muslim ban’ set to end ‘on day one’ of Biden presidency
CNN’s Jake Tapper reluctantly acknowledges Covid risk as network shows jubilant Biden voters
Israel's Netanyahu congratulates Biden on U.S. election win, thanks Trump
'SNL' shows off Biden and Harris' victory speeches and a fictional Trump 'concession'
Biden on Harris's historic vice-presidency: 'Don't tell me it's not possible'
US demand boosts China's exports
Michelle Obama congratulates Biden, adds dig at Trump supporters
PA Democrats insist late-arrival ballots unlikely to affect election outcome
Will This Election Be A Replay Of 'Bush v. Gore' At The Supreme Court? Not Likely
Fight for Senate control awaits in Georgia after Biden’s win
Meet Washington's most powerful woman (temporarily)
Biden wins U.S. presidency, calls for healing in appeal to Trump voters
CNN's Anderson Cooper regrets comparing Trump to a flailing 'obese turtle'
Trump Dumps 3 Agency Leaders In Wake Of Election
Ballots on a city bus: Wisconsin GOP sets stage for wild recount fight
UAE legal reform sees tougher penalties for family killings of women
Kamala Harris, as first woman elected VP, says she 'won't be the last'
'Building for the last four years': Pennsylvania Latinos were pivotal for Biden
‘I ain’t buying it’: Trump voters protest US election call
Consumer borrowing up $16.2 billion in September
Investors celebrate Biden winning U.S. presidency
President-elect Joe Biden to unveil COVID-19 task force
Fox News, last to call election, offers subdued coverage of Biden's victory
Climate Activists Cheer Biden Win
Investigators scramble after GA county discovers ballot 'issue'

Coronavirus News and Updates:

CDC reports 236,547 deaths from coronavirus
Gottlieb says Biden to take office at likely "apex" of latest coronavirus surge
The latest on the coronavirus pandemic
Transcript: Scott Gottlieb discusses coronavirus on "Face the Nation," November 8, 2020
Doctors examining possible link between chronic fatigue syndrome and COVID-19
Scam websites falsely claim to have Clorox and Lysol for sale, FTC says
Germany reports new daily record in virus cases
U.S. reports 130,000 new coronavirus cases, fourth straight daily record
Europeans split on lockdown essentials
U.S. Sets Another Single-Day Record For Coronavirus Cases
UK's first mass COVID testing program underway
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