Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Friday, September 18, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

Biden says the next person elected president should choose Ginsburg’s replacement
McConnell says Trump's nominee to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg "will receive a vote on the floor" of Senate
List of Trump's accusers and their allegations
Read the Supreme Court's statement on RBG's death
Trump reacts to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, says justice ‘led an amazing life’
Cruz: Trump should nominate a Supreme Court justice next week
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death sets up tense political fight over replacement
McConnell pledges quick vote on next justice; Biden says no
Bret Baier: Passing of RBG a 'major change in the election' (video)
Emails show top HHS official and Trump ally intimidating CDC official
Chief Justice John Roberts: Ginsburg 'a jurist of historic stature'
Trump at Minnesota rally: Biden will turn state into a 'refugee camp'
George W. Bush honors Ruth Bader Ginsburg as 'smart and humorous trailblazer'
Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves legacy as champion of women's equality

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87: Special Report (video)
Spanish-language disinformation intensifies among Florida Latinos, worrying Democrats
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's most notable Supreme Court decisions and dissents
Minnesota sees 'absolute shattering' of record for absentee ballot requests
The Latest: GOP Sen. McSally wants vote on Trump court pick
Live Updates: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg dies at age 87 from pancreatic cancer
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87
Trump calls mail-in voting a scam, says Democrats are setting up election 'mess'
Programming error overpaid thousands of unemployed Louisianans
State Dept. provides House Dems docs previously given to Ron Johnson's Biden probe
Trump said he 'did not like' FBI Director Wray's testimony on Russia election meddling
Biden’s polling lead nears magic number
Trump on whether FBI Director Wray could be replaced: 'We're looking at a lot of different things'
Biden challenges Trump on the economy in Minnesota face-off, early voting begins in four states
Trump hits FBI director again over testimony on antifa, Russia
Trump in 'jam' in Minnesota as in-person voting begins, but 'turnout' key for Biden
Biden receives first classified intelligence briefing
Trump vows enough coronavirus vaccine doses for ‘every American’ by April
Election Poll: Biden Maintains Lead Over Trump With Likely Voters
Pelosi says lawmakers 'very close' to stop-gap funding deal, but key sticking points remain
NEA president says Azar and Devos should resign over school reopening guidance
AP-NORC poll: Majority plan to vote before Election Day
Trump says U.S., Canada border will open by end of year, hours after restriction extension
Barr's latest comments have Justice Department on edge
Trump’s War on the New York Times Hits the Classroom
Biden touts union support in battleground Minnesota as early voting begins
Ex-Pence aide: Trump spent 45 minutes of task force meeting 'going off on Tucker Carlson' instead of talking coronavirus
Pelosi to church: ‘Follow science’ on COVID-19 restrictions
Minneapolis business owners worry about being looted again as riots weigh on minds of voters
Judge blocks Michigan's ban on transporting voters
AP Exclusive: More migrant women say they didn’t OK surgery
Top Democrats call for DOJ watchdog to probe Barr over possible 2020 election influence
White House blocked FDA commissioner from testifying to House panel
New revelations reinforce concerns that Trump's political motives are a higher priority than Americans' health
Assange lawyer says Trump offered deal to avoid extradition
Pro-Trump super PAC uses Hungarian stock photo in ad attacking Biden
Donor cash surges to Harrison, the Democrat taking on Graham

DHS whistleblower may skip congressional hearing
Trump 'very happy' to keep TikTok alive if security issues resolved
Ivanka Trump raises $7.5 million for campaign in Texas, Florida trips
U.S. House Democrats to file measure funding government through Dec 11
US bans WeChat, TikTok from app stores, threatens shutdowns
House Dems call for an ‘emergency’ DOJ watchdog review of Durham probe
Voters endure long, socially distanced lines to cast early ballots in four states
Ex-NRA official says gun owners 'don't need the NRA' to turn out at polls, accuses group of 'corruption'
House Democrats plan to unveil bill to avert shutdown
DHS whistleblower looks to delay testimony amid effort to access classified intel
So 2020: New Storm Forms, Named Alpha Because We've Run Out Of Letters
Women in Suburbia Don't Seem Too Worried About Its Destruction - New York Times
Trump blasts 1619 Project on role of Black Americans and proposes his own "1776 commission"
'Bored by all this drama': TikTok users unbothered by latest ban threat
US stocks fall as market decline extends for third week
GOP candidates turn to their families to deflect Democratic attacks on health care
Trump announces billions in aid for Puerto Rico although he once called it "one of the most corrupt places on earth"
Kosovo gives Trump Order of Freedom for his role in securing deal with Serbia
Election 2020: When early voting and mail voting for president begins in every state
At town hall, Biden blasts Trump’s ‘criminal’ virus response
5 takeaways from Joe Biden's CNN town hall
Yosemite closes, toxic air reaches off-the-charts levels as wildfires scorch West Coast
Ben Carson argues AG Barr’s comments on coronavirus, BLM can be misinterpreted: We must ‘deal with facts’
'Talk about losers': The top moments from CNN’s kid-gloves town hall with Biden
Joe Biden town hall: Fact-checking the Democratic nominee's answers
Trump heats up culture war in appeal to Wisconsin voters
Democrats on edge as Biden readies to go after Trump at debate
Judge blocks 'politically motivated' changes to U.S. Postal Service ahead of election
Dueling Trump, Biden events in battleground states sets tone for upcoming debates
Report: Trump set to block TikTok, WeChat downloads this weekend
Biden says if Trump acted sooner on coronavirus 'all the people would still be alive'
Biden’s weakness with Black and Latino men creates an opening for Trump
AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s big distortions on mail-in voting
McConnell accuses Democrats of sowing division by 'downplaying progress' on election security
Bill Barr seems to be ready for a post-election constitutional crisis
9 states begin mail-in/absentee voting today: When does my state start?
Biden And Trump Visit Minnesota As The State Begins Early Voting
FBI director: Antifa is ideology, not organization
Trump opens Wisconsin rally blasting Biden for 'disastrous global sellouts' that 'surrendered' US jobs
Trump says a Harris vice presidency is ’no way for a woman’ to become president
Trump and Biden hit unlikely battleground state of Minnesota
Trump administration set to approve large arms sale with Taiwan
Biden shows the qualities Trump lacks at CNN town hall
Facebook restricts internal political debates
Biden tells Democratic senators he takes 'nothing for granted' during caucus call
'This is about my safety': Trans Americans on November's high-stakes election
Trump campaign seizes on Biden supporter who mentions ‘sea of Trump flags’
Trump will not attend United Nations General Assembly meeting in person during pandemic
Biden promises Democratic senators help in battleground states
Election officials encourage voters to use state guidelines, ignore USPS mailer
Global shares mixed amid worries on coronavirus, economy
Majority of likely voters want 'Blue Lives Matter' laws punishing attacks on police: Poll
California and Oregon 2020 wildfires in maps, graphics and images
HR McMaster says president's policy to withdraw troops from Afghanistan is 'unwise'
Federal judge blocks controversial Postal Service changes that slowed mail
Biden is asked if he benefited from White privilege (video)
Utah Officer Faces Felony Charge For Ordering Police Dog To Bite Black Man
Trump supporters in battleground Wisconsin reveal what issues matter most nearing election
U.N. investigator on Belarus warns of 'another Iron curtain'
Justice Department seeking to charge violent protesters with sedition
Tucker Carlson says alleged Nashville coronavirus data 'cover-up,' other obfuscations 'unforgivable'
Lightning storm, easterly wind: How the wildfires got so bad
Mental Health And Police Violence: How Crisis Intervention Teams Are Failing

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Wisconsin breaks own record for new COVID cases
Fauci says that Trump and Redfield were "both right" about vaccine distribution timeline
CDC reverses COVID-19 testing guidance after report of interference
Fact-checking Mark Meadows's misleading statements on mask efficacy in stopping the spread of coronavirus
Trump says he expects to have coronavirus vaccine for every American by April
Trump: Vaccine distribution will begin within 24 hours of approval
Coronavirus latest: 'Largest mass fatality incident' in New York City: Report
Controversial coronavirus testing guidance came from HHS and didn't go through CDC scientific review, sources say
European cities announce new restrictions as COVID-19 cases soar
How The Coronavirus Has Affected Individual Members Of Congress
Masks may offer better protection against COVID-19 than any vaccine: Experts
Covid-19: New fear grips Europe as cases top 30m worldwide
Israel to revert back to full lockdown as coronavirus cases climb
'A Very Serious Situation': WHO Says Coronavirus Cases Are Rising In Europe Again
Experts warn wildfire smoke could worsen COVID-19
Live Updates: The latest on the coronavirus pandemic
CDC chief says masks better at stopping coronavirus than a vaccine
Biden rejects Trump claim that COVID-19 vaccine is imminent
CDC tells Congress it urgently needs $6 billion for vaccine distribution
How The Pandemic Is Widening The Racial Wealth Gap
As many as 51% of all school employees are at increased risk of Covid-19, study finds
House Republicans push to reopen Paycheck Protection Program amid coronavirus relief gridlock
EU seals 2nd COVID-19 vaccine deal as deadline for WHO scheme looms
They're at high risk of the coronavirus. But their state might not let them vote by mail.
Coronavirus live updates: India's case count jumps by more than 96,000
An Idaho pastor skeptical of masks lands in the ICU for Covid-19
Second UK lockdown? COVID hospital admissions double every eight days
AP Interview: South Africa to know true virus toll in weeks
WaPo calls out Biden after saying this is who's responsible for every COVID death
Virus clusters at French universities give Europe a lesson
Coronavirus isolation killing thousands of Alzheimer’s patients
'This is a big moment:' UK government cautions on virus
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