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    I have not listened to the Alex Jones interview with Stone, but reportedly Stone has already declared the election tainted and asserts that Trump could lawfully declare martial law and retain power if he loses the election. I knew there were authoritarians among his advisors and I have believed that Trump has fantasized about ruling America as Putin rules Russia. But I didn't expect someone to be so bold as to float the idea prior to the election. As one of the tweets suggests, Stone may have broken the law by advocating the overthrow of the government. Should this idea take hold among Trump's supporters, they may well get the civil war some of them seem to want.

    Just saw that and was coming to post it, Richard. I can’t bring myself to listen to Alex Jones in any way, but I saw these tweets

    Stone's comments combined with Trump's continuing statements about how the only way he loses is if the election is rigged gives me reason to believe that there will at least be some in Trump's inner circle agreeing with Stone. It isn't unreasonable at all to think that Trump would challenge the results in court if he loses, but at some point he will realize that the law requires him to leave office on Jan. 20, 2021. Is it out of character for Trump to attempt to circumvent the law in order to try to retain power? I don't think so.
    If any of that were the happen, our only hope would be for the military to step in and remove the administration by force. Martial law only works with the cooperation of the military.

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