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Jan 28, 2022
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New York, United States
The Green Party Of New York is seeking enthusiastic and personable persons, to help collect signatures to get our candidates on the ballot. These are temporary jobs lasting five weeks, from April 19 to May 24 of this year. We are hiring for both full time and part time positions. Hours can be flexible as long as you can find people to sign for you. Pay is $20/hour with bonuses for high performers.

Your job will consist of meeting people in public places to ask for their signature on a petition. Training will be provided, and no prior canvassing experience is necessary. Attention to detail is important. You must be registered to vote in New York State. Please respond here, or apply online at gpny.org/petitionjob. Together we can challenge the corrupt and complacent, and work toward a better future for all people.

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