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    We’re gonna try to stay on point in this one -🤞 .

    After the Iranian admission of shooting down the Ukrainian 737, which was carrying 82 Iranian passengers, protests against the Supreme Leader have broken out.

    The UK ambassador to Iran has been arrested for talking photos of the protests. President Trump has tweeted support for the protesters in English and Farsi.

    See previous post:

    So this is a "yes, it's okay with me that he lied because..." response?

    I'm simple so simple answers help me best thanks.
    I did not know where to post my comment that concerns Iraq right now so here goes.

    With Iran being hit hard by the Coronavirus and our troops being attacked by rockets two days in a row I think it is time to bring our guys home. Let Irag deal with everything themselves because I would think the Coronavirus would start hitting them hard like Iran.

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