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  1. wardorican

    New Hampshire Primary 2024

    I don't think it's a worthy effort to try to worry too much about stupid people. Some of these folks also think the Moon landing was fake, or the Earth is flat.
  2. wardorican

    New Hampshire Primary 2024

    The hell with that, I like mail in voting, or early voting. And many states, who allow early voting, in person, can't tabulate those votes until election day. The idea that this should be instantaneous is just silly.I like mail in voting, because it gives me time to read everything, do...
  3. wardorican

    New Hampshire Primary 2024

    I've mostly avoided politics the last two years. I can't say I missed the idiotic things pundits say.
  4. wardorican

    2024 GOP Presidential Race

    He reminds me of Jindal. At first, he was sharp, kind of reasonable, but then just went full tilt weird. They just went weird differently. After about 6 months into Covid, DeSantis lost it and went full culture wars.
  5. wardorican

    Trump GA Indictment

    I haven't been able to log in for months... So... how's it going? ;)
  6. wardorican

    Dominion Defamation Suit Against Fox News

    NPR has reported it as him being fired, but they didn't add any new information to what's out there. But, I think their interpretation is accurate.
  7. wardorican

    The Fundamentals of Being “Woke”, Good or Bad, Why?

    I always took the pejorative version of 'woke' to mean, pushy/snobby/hypocritical version of 'awareness'. Like, the awareness isn't the issue, it's the 'well, you know..." part of it.There is a growing number of folks who can't have a disagreement or conversation around something without...
  8. wardorican

    Supreme Court Corruption (Formerly Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire)

    If it were Sotomayor, some would just think she was the maid...
  9. wardorican

    All Things LGBTQ+

    So, this little post is what got folks all up in a tizzy? Bunch of fragile egos out there. It was a nice thing they did for her. I don't think they're selling those cans, right?
  10. wardorican

    Tennessee legislature expels two black Democrats for gun-control demonstration on house floor

    Seriously, they're blocking interstate travel? I thought this was America?
  11. wardorican

    Media Tracker

    If the media doesn't make fun of this, I'm done. Lol.
  12. wardorican

    All things Racist...USA edition

    Because, last I checked, this is America.
  13. wardorican

    2024 GOP Presidential Race

    One day I'd love to deep dive into this. I mean, why are we so afraid of opinions, stances, etc in education? Shouldn't we be free to hear different perspectives, and then be free to make up our minds on them? Social Science area always going to have a social/opinion side to them, more so than...
  14. wardorican

    2024 GOP Presidential Race

    That was straight up cruelty.
  15. wardorican

    2023 State of the Union

    Joe's Favorite Word...Folks.
  16. wardorican

    2023 State of the Union

    Anyone watching this?My first take so far was that it was very cordial. Joe did a good job nodding to both Republican leaders. McCarthy shook his hand 3 times, nodded on a few things and even clapped once or twice so far.Republican's aren't totally against him right now. Interesting.
  17. wardorican

    Next Speaker of the House?

    Yeah, so because my mom had a small 401k when she retired (like 60,000), she'd be denied Social Security?
  18. wardorican

    DOJ reviewing classified documents found at former Biden office and residence, Special Counsel appointed

    I think gross negligence boarders on intent, so there is probably some level of considering that per the legal definition. So, the tweets are both accurate, yet not accurate enough...
  19. wardorican

    Next Speaker of the House?

    This is too funny not to share. What was really said here, though?
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